Saturday, November 14, 2009

the rest of April

April brought us a few other things as well. One day, I decided to go to the animal shelter in Galesburg, and came home with a kitty. I fell in love with this tortoise-shell instantly! After Keith didn't yell at me, I told him I also adopted a calico, but couldn't bring her home until after her surgery later in the week. :)

This is Sharpay (she was already named)

5 days later, I brought home Gabby. (we named her, and since we are High School Musical fans, we thought Sharpay needed a Gabriella - LOL)

she is quite the cuddly one at times

the kitty bunk beds
and here is Pumpkin - POUTING!!!
she is not liking this new arrangement!

coloring Easter eggs

Easter Morning

Dustin got a Nintendo DS in his basket

Ali got a digital camera in her basket

Cody got an MP3 Player in his basket

ready to hunt eggs

Keith and Cody taking a break from the egg hunt

Williamsfield Egg Hunt

Ali's bonnet she decorated for the contest

the hunt for candy!

Cody found the special prize for his age group, and won a goody bag

Ali won the prize for most original bonnet

In April, Dustin's preschool class took a field trip to the Discovery Depot in Galesburg. This is the children's museum there. They had a great time!

Dustin LOVED the water room!!!!!

some pics that I enjoyed from April

some kite-flying fun

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