Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Busy December already!

Ali's birthday started off our busy December.
Of course, the birthday girl is showing off her new sock monkey hat! LOL
She got a new softball glove for her birthday.

Ali chose to go out to breakfast for her birthday rather than do the big family party thing this year. She chose Bob Evans.
the "crew" at breakfast for Ali's birthday
Aunt Tammy, Dustin, Grandma Soni, & Grandma Sue ...
Cody, Daddy, the birthday girl, and Auntie Tanya
(Mom would be behind the camera LOL)
Faith was enjoying our outing
The Bob Evans crew sang Happy Birthday to Ali
Grandma Soni & Ali
Auntie Tanya & Ali
Aunt Tammy & Ali
Gotta love the look on Ali's face here! LOL
Mommy & Daddy with the birthday girl
Faith was such a good baby while we were eating!
Mommy & her girl
Mommy, Daddy, & the birthday girl
Dustin stole Aunt Tammy's chair ... & her sweatshirt LOL
Grandma Sue, Grandma Soni, Ali, & Faith
Ali's b-day card I made
Ali's cake
Blowing out the candles
(I think she had a little help from Dustin LOL)
I think Ali may be getting a bit big for Grandma's lap LOL
Then we celebrated Cody's birthday
opening presents
Brooke & Cody
Blowing out the candles
Cody and his cake
Daddy let Cody set up "his farm" on the pool table in the basement. He was telling Cody about how he did that when he was little, and Cody jumped on it! LOL
presents on his birthday morning
Tammy's surprise 40th birthday party

the boys waiting for Aunt Tammy's arrival
Abbey, Aunt Annie, & Aunt Lois
Tammy wasn't exactly impressed with the whole surprise thing! LOL
By the way, that look was directed right towards our mom!
Carrie enjoying some Faith snuggles
(notice the reindeer butt! :)
Cody & Logan playing DSi's
Matthew snugglin with Faith
Abbey getting her Faith snuggles
Cal & Joannie
Brooke getting gift-wrapped
Kristin & Alize
Tammy's world series champs Cardinals pennents
Gabe wrapped himself up for Tammy LOL
Brooke all wrapped up
Tammy & her cake
Tammy & her girls
Jim, Brooke, Faith, & Tammy
Aunt Tammy & her kiddos
Jim & Tammy
Me & my girl