Friday, November 13, 2009

Dustin's 5th Birthday (still catching up)

Dustin turned 5 in April! WOW! Where has the time gone?! He has become such a big boy!
Mommy went to preschool for the day with Dustin for his birthday.

my crazy boy in the science center LOL

Dustin got his battery-powered four-wheeler from Mommy & Daddy. This is when he first opened his eyes and saw it.

Nothing like getting to ride your four-wheeler in the house!

And he had to break it in outside as well!

Can't do that without hitting the dirt hill!

already trying stunts!

And of course, we finished off with birthday cupcakes.

This was Dustin's first year for a "Friend Party." He was so excited to have his friends over for his party!

Dustin and Sophie
Dustin and Madison
Dustin and Amelia
Dustin and Jolene

Dustin and Sara
Dustin and Mason
Dustin and Sidney

Dustin's Family Birthday Party

This was his special cake. It was much better in my head than on the cakeboard, but it did the trick.

Blowing out the candles

opening presents

Dustin got his real four-wheeler from PaPa John & Vicki for his birthday. Of course, he can't ride it without an adult for quite a while, but he feels pretty darn big! LOL

Dustin took both grandpas for a four-wheeler ride.

We have one happy little 5 year old boy!!!

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Anonymous said...

awesome...thanks for sharing... that smile is as great as he is

grandma Soni