Friday, April 25, 2008

The Birthday Boy

Monday was Dustin's actual birthday, so we had a fun day! He started the day getting to go to Miss Kitty's class at the library where he sees some of his friends. After the library, Mommy took him to Toys R Us, where he got a birthday balloon and crown, and also got to spend a little bit of his birthday money. Then we went to Chuck E Cheese for playing and lunch. Grandma Soni joined us there, and also our friends Lori and Noah. Auntie Tanya stopped by to visit too. Dustin had so much fun at Chuck E Cheese's! I don't think there was anything there that he didn't like! He was asleep in the car withing two minutes of leaving.

meeting Chuck E Cheese

coming off of the slide after playing in the tubes

riding around the clock

Dustin and Noah playing air hockey

Then we spent the afternoon and evening outside enjoying the beautiful weather.

Dustin got to choose supper, which was cold cereal. Then we had cupcakes and ice cream. Then, of course, it was present time! He enjoyed his presents from Mommy, Daddy, Ali, & Cody. The birthday boy had a wonderful day, full of fun!

Dustin's 4th Birthday

Dustin turned four years old earlier this week. We had his birthday party last Saturday. Dustin decided he wanted a Monster Truck party. So Mommy made him a fun monster truck cake. He got four brand new monster trucks to play with later out of the deal. He loved his cake!

For a special treat, a magician came to his party. Our family had seen one at school earlier in the month, and Dustin was quite enthralled! So we had the same magician come to his birthday party.

Of course, Dustin enjoyed opening presents, and was even quite excited about the clothes.

He kept saying "This is the best birthday ever!" throughout the day Saturday. And almost every present got "just what I needed!" when opened. Dustin was simply adorable all day!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Alissa's new glasses

Ali was starting to have some problems seeing, so we took her to get her eyes checked out. She is near-sighted, and is now sporting a new pair of glasses. She wears them all the time, for the most part. She doesn't have to wear them to read and things like that. She uses them to see distance. They look so natural on her that now she looks different if she's not wearing them.

new outside toys

Katrina and Dana (Mom and Dad to Taylor and Layne, my extra afternoon kiddos) brought Dustin the outside trucks that the kids have outgrown. So Dustin now has a John Deere Gator and a Silverado truck to trot around the yard in. We just put the batteries in them this afternoon. Instant smiles! And he hasn't stopped smiling yet! He is having so much fun on them already! Thank you so much, Katrina!!!

Nika thought Cody needed a push.