Saturday, November 14, 2009

The "Not-So-Great" part of May

Unfortunately, May brought along some not-so-great stuff too. We got rain, after rain, after rain! Well, we got flooded. This house has held water one time in its life, and that was in the 80's when Keith was young. I'd like to say that the basement you see in these pictures is only this messy because of the flood, but I can't lie very well. Unfortunately, it didn't get as much cleaning attention as the rest of the house. Anyway, these first pictures were taking when the water was at about 2 inches. By the time it was over, we had over 4 inches of standing water in the entire basement.

The poor GeoTrax system! I gathered all the controllers and trains as soon as I saw this water. After cleaning up the basement, I went through all of the GeoTrax, piece by piece, cleaning them in bleach water. Unfortunately, now that we have checked all of the trains, they have only one train / remote controller that go together, that both work. :(
The kitties didn't know what to do in their bathroom - even the litter box was floating.

My Purple Palace - my scrapbookin/stamping room - was also in the standing water. Unfortunately, I hadn't been able to spend much time down here working the first part of the year, because I was dealing with elbow issues and physical therapy. With my limited working in there, my room was a mess, with many things on the floor. Everything on the floor was ruined!
However, I was extremely grateful that none of my scrapbooks or photo boxes got wet!!!!

more pics throughout the basement

Keith's gun reloading room

the furnace / storage room

We had to take everything out of my scrapbooking room so that we could shop-vac the carpet. Then we had to haul it outside to dry. My countertops were pretty much un-usable, except to pile as much as possible onto to clear the floor.

this gray tub was one of the few containers holding my ruined product and supplies.
my supplies were scattered throughout the house, wherever we could find room
Unfortunately, our lake was also damaged by all the extra rain. The built up water busted through the dam, taking a big chunk out.

one of the docks washed up on the dam with the water pressure

Unfortunately, now the lake is rather empty.

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