Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ball Season

You know we can't have summer without ball season! Well, this year was just plain crazy! Ali played juniors softball. This was Cody's last year on traveling t-ball. He was also asked to play hardball with the 3rd and 4th graders. And this was Dustin's first year playing t-ball. So this is what most of our weeks looked like :
Sunday: Ali - softball game
Monday: Cody - t-ball game
Tuesday: Cody - hardball game
Wednesday: Cody - t-ball game & Ali - softball game
Thursday: Cody - hardball game
Friday: HOME!!!!!
Saturday: Dustin - t-ball game
Ali ready to go

Cody ready to go

Dustin ready to go

Ali pitching - her main job

and her other specialty

Cody scoring

Cody ready to slug it

Cody enjoyed playing catcher a few times this year

ready to slide
(he finally worked up the nerve this year)
Dustin talking to Coach Tim about his job on the mound
first time up to bat

a hit on the first swing!

running to first

jumping into home plate Dustin's 1st attempt at sliding into home
(notice where the plate is - LOL)
showing Coach Gabe what he'll do after he gets the ball
getting the ball

Coach Gabe is showing him how to get down and ready
playing with Sidney
What game?! LOL

My little ball player

trying that sliding thing again LOL

Ali's last game

Our team finished 2nd place for the tournament!!!
Ali and Emilee

What a team!
Coach Dad, Ali, & Coach Janet

so proud!

Cody's last t-ball game
huddle time

another great team!

Dustin's last game
YAY! He finally got it down!

getting his medal

both pre-k / kindergarten teams

Ali & Cody's teams had an end-of-season swim party