Friday, June 1, 2012

The Quicks are ready for summer!!!

So much for catching up, huh?! LOL
All I can say is it is really a
tough job being so good at
procrastinating! heehee

The biggest change around here
is that Keith is now done working
second shift!!! YAY!!!
It was so difficult for all of us!
He has always been such a hands-on
daddy, and he had to miss so
many school events, t-ball, baseball,
softball, basketball, volleyball games,
track meets, and just all around
so much of our family life the
last year and a half!
It is so good to have him back
with us in the evenings and
enjoying the kids' stuff!

The other big news is that we
now have a high schooler in the
family. Ali went through her
8th grade promotion in May.  It
seems like only last week that
she was learning to walk and talk.
Now you won't often find her
without and event or sport she is
getting ready to go to.
And she definitely has a VAST
vocabulary that she shares
with us QUITE often! LOL
Yep, she's a talker like her momma! :)

Here are some pics from her graduation.

Williamsfield Class of 2016

 Ali is ready for high school

Emilee, Alissa, & Hunter

"Our Girls"
Rachel, Haley, Ali, & Taylor
Forever Friends!

showing their goofy side LOL

The nails MUST match the dress, right?!

Ali wanted me to make her cake
"Her" rather than school colors.
This is the "her" that I came up with.

This was Ali's display board at
their community graduation party.