Saturday, November 14, 2009


June brought us Father's Day. We spent the day at our house. Mom, Dad, Tammy, and Brooke spent the day here as well. Brooke brought her new dog, Abby. John and Vicki also stopped by for a while.
opening presents

boys being boys

Daddy and his girls

This was Abby's first time visiting our house

Daddy (Grandpa) opening gifts

Aunt Tammy getting some future blackmail dirt :)
Cody is a Cubs fan. Aunt Tammy and PaPa Wally are Cardinals fans.
But she got Cody in the shirt. LOL
Dustin has decided he's a Carinals fan, so he was proud to try it out

PaPa John and Vicki stopped by for a water fight with the kiddos

Here's an awesome Daddy!

We spent one day up in Washburn, and had to try out the new playground
equipment at the school

Daisy enjoying the shade and the breeze

this is a shot at Granma Soni & PaPa Wally's house

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Anonymous said...

grandpa Wally was sooo happy that they were able to come and play on the equipment that he put together... :)