Monday, June 16, 2008

Front porch flowers

In all of our spring planting around the house, Keith built me shelves all the way around the front porch to set long planters on to fill with flowers. And he did such a great job doing it! The flowers are growing tall enough to see now, and are so full of color. We will eventually stain the shelves and fixtures to match the deck and walkway, but for now, we're just enjoying the sight and smell of all of the beautiful flowers. We have petunias, impatients, verbenas, and dianthus in the planters.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our ball players

Summer means ball season for us. We spend a lot of time at the ball diamond, whether it's the one at our school, or one we're visiting on our away games.

Ali is in her second summer of traveling juniors softball, which she seems to enjoy a lot. She is pitching and hitting great as well.

Cody is in his first season of traveling t-ball. Very rarely does our team actually have to use the tee, but that is what it is considered. He is a great hitter, and very fast base runner. He is also learning to field pretty well. He is loving it!

Of course, Dustin couldn't be left out, even though he hasn't started playing t-ball yet.

This is how we spend a lot of our summer, and we love it! We are so proud of the kids! They really do well with it and enjoy it, so there is nothing we would rather be doing than watching them.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Our new pool

We got a new pool this summer!
Ali & Cody helped Keith set it up.

The kids got to officially swim in it for the first time today.
After sitting in the sun and heat for Ali's softball game today,
it felt wonderful. The water wasn't super warm yet,
but it was quite refreshing!

I think the pool is a hit!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Slip 'N Slide Fun!!

The kids got a gift card from Aunt Leslie for Easter. They decided they wanted to save it and spend it on a Triple Slip 'N Slide when summer water toys went out in stores. They had seen them at the end of summer last year and thought it looked like fun. So we got one earlier this week. I think it's a hit!

Cody's tractor

Cody has his own tractor now!! PaPa John bought this garden tractor at an auction, just for Cody. I think it had a blade on it, but no mower deck. He knew Cody would love to just ride it around. And he was definitely right! Cody is in tractor heaven!

Thank you, PaPa John!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ali's Tumbling Recital

Ali had her tumbling recital last night. It's hard to get good pictures in the auditorium, but I tried. This is her class in their pyramid at the end of their routine.

This is Ali in the middle of her backflip.

This is Ali with her tumbling teacher, Brandy. We adore Brandy! She really loves all of these kids, and is so proud of everything they accomplish!
Here is Ali with all of her flowers. She got a bouquet of "crazy daisies" from Mommy, Daddy, Cody, & Dustin. She got a pretty blue and white carnation from Grandma Soni & Grandpa Wally. And she got a pretty bouquet of two-toned pink carnations from Brooke, Aunt Tammy, and Uncle Jim.

Here are the "crazy daisies." We also got a bouquet of these for Brandy and one for Melissa, Brandy's assistant tumbling instructor.

It was a great night for all of the tumblers!