Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Trip to Florida

Keith bought a new (well, new to us) truck from Florida. Being the awesome husband he is, he said we'd make it a family trip, and visit my family in Florida. My grandpa had never met Dustin, and only met Cody, Ali, and Keith once, 6 1/2 years ago. So we packed up and headed south at 4am November 1st. After a rough start, the week ended up being a very enjoyable one!

in the van on the way down
We took 3 DVD players - brilliant idea!!!

Swimming in the hotel just south of Atlanta, GA

Our first visit with Grandpa Don Tuesday morning

also visiting with Aunt Susie & Uncle Donnie, of course

Me and my Grandpa Don

On Tuesday, we drove further south to Sanford, FL to meet the guy we bought the truck from

ready to go in the new ride

Keith in his new truck

On Wednesday, we had a lazy day, just happy to be out of the van
We spent a couple hours at a big park nearby
(same park we played in when we visited 6 1/2 years ago)

I think Daddy played too hard ;)

Uncle Bill & Aunt Mary Lou met us for lunch

the kids were insistant on swimming at the hotel. Keith and I chose to pass, since the water was a bit chilly. Of course, they won't admit that. LOL

We went back to Grandpa's for more visiting that night

Dustin and Peanut
Uncle Donnie & Ali picking out cook books
Peanut the Wonder Dog
(see? I told ya I'd get her name right Unlce Donnie)
messing around

On Thursday, we went to St. Augustine Beach
Aunt Susie joined us

Keith took the kids on the pier going out over the ocean.
You're right...I sat back on shore and watched. ;)

the boys found a hill to slide down

Then Uncle Bill & Aunt Mary Lou joined us and we visited the Alligator Farm
We all had a great time!

Cody took a liking to the albino gator

petting the little gator

yes, even Cody & I touched the thing!

aw, look at the snuggly gators LOL

Crazy woman! LOL

why does this NOT surprise me?! LOL

the kimodo dragon
the largest Alligator at the Alligator Farm

Once the biggest alligator, Gomek is now preserved here

out on the walkway - over alligator filled waters
and yes, I was TRICKED into walking over this!!!

feeding the gators

my Uncle Billy

playing at the kid zone there

they didn't believe that I'd get up there! HA
but then, I realized I had to find a way down LOL

more snuggly gators
Aunt Mary Lou, Uncle Bill, & Aunt Susie with the kids

We started home on Friday.
We stopped in the Atlanta area to visit my stamping friend Jen. This was the first time we actually got to meet, although we have talked online quite a bit.

most of our kiddos together -too bad neither of us thought to snap a pic of the two of us:(
Ali, Libby, Dustin, TJ, & Cody
Libby & Dustin - more than likely up to no good LOL
the kids playing

On the last leg of our trip home, we stopped in Mt. Vernon, IL to have lunch with my friend Janet and her girls. Unfortunately, her hubby Greg was at work and didn't get to join us)
Janet and me
Cody, Victoria, Emily, Ali, & Dustin
Keith and Emily playing

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what great reminders of a fun trip... I am so glad you were able to go ...