Friday, February 19, 2010

September 2009

September was quite full of memories for our family
~ some great memories, as well as some really awful ones~

We had a big family day at our house on September 5th, to welcome my cousin Abbey's fiance Steve, his son Dade, and his mom Judy to our family.
We did some four-wheeling

Keith & Cody, my dad & Dustin, Steve & Dade

Abbey & Steve

Dade was happy to take Daddy for a ride

Jim & Tammy

Jim & Brooke

the girls did some stamping

Tanya and Judy

Aunt Annie and Tammy

Tammy and Dustin
the little guys did some playing in the basement

the big guys (and Abbey) did some shooting

and we did a lot of just hanging out

Brooke and her Jimmy

Steve and Dade
Steve and Judy

Dade, Steve, Abbey, and Judy

Steve, Abbey, my mom, and my dad

Marshall, Abbey, and their grandpa

Aunt Lois

Marshall and Kelly

Abbey and Steve

Four-Wheeler Accident

On Labor Day, September 7th, we had the worst night ever. Keith and John took the boys on a four-wheeler ride. They didn't go anywhere out of the ordinary or anything. Keith had Dustin on ours and John had Cody with him, Cody riding in front. Coming up out of the creek, John pulled the four-wheeler over on top of him and Cody. Keith was right behind them, and was able to get it off of them. Cody was able to crawl out on his own, but he was pretty banged up. John needed help getting out from under it. Keith called to get the ambulance on the way, then called up to the house, where I had just gotten home literally 5 minutes before the phone rang. I raced down there, beating the ambulance by a few minutes. Cody and I took our first ambulance ride, with PaPa John with us. Cody had many tests, a ct scan, and x-rays done. He was released from the ER about 5 1/2 hours after the accident happened. John had x-rays done, and was admitted, needing to have surgery the following day. He had broken his leg at his hip area. Cody had a fractured maxilla (cheekbone) and a very bruised and battered face, a banged up ear, along with a little road rash on his arm. He was such a brave little guy though! I was completely amazed!
this was in the ER, about 5 hours after the accident
the morning after the accident
here's my sweet little angel still sleeping the next morning

My Rainbow Boy - the 2nd day after the accident

The Williamsfield Wranglers Horse Show
This was Ali's first horse show. She showed Miss Gracie.

the stick-horse race

Kenny Chesney in concert!!!
For my birthday, Randy got me tickets to go see Kenny Chesney in concert!!!
Justine and I went and had an awesome time!

Grandparents' Day at school
Grandma Soni, Cody, and Dustin
Vicki, PaPa John, Cody, and Dustin
the program

all dressed up

Abbey and Steve's wedding

Ali and Brooke were in charge of the guest book and programs

the boys handed out bells after the ceremony

me and Keith

Marshall and Aunt Annie
brother and mother of the bride

Brooke and Ali
Sue and Ali
Cody tries to play hard-to-get and act un-interested,
but sometimes he just can't quite pull it off! LOL
Kristy was after him, and I do believe he was enjoying every minute of it! :)

Abbey and my dad dancing during the "Uncle Dance"

Abbey and Dade dancing
Marshall and Abbey dancing

Abbey and Keith dancing
the flower girl, Kristy, really took a liking to Keith
wasn't hard to get him on the dance floor

yep, Keith got ditched on the dance floor LOL

Mom and Dad

Tammy and Jim

me, Abbey, and Tammy

me, Abbey, Mom, and Tammy

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