Thursday, February 18, 2010

A look through August of 2009

Here is a look at August.

We'll start with our "Lack-of-Lake"
After the flood busted out the dam, our water disappeared,
and now this is our pitiful lake. :(

Middle School Softball
This was Ali's first year to play middle school fall softball.

Meet Miss Gracie

the newest family member at John & Vicki's
and Ali likes to visit :)
Brimfield Carnival

Dustin in the pedal tractor pull
Cody driving in the mower race. He got first place in his age group, having the fastest time, and also the only one not to hit any pins.

Cody in the pedal tractor pull

riding the dragons

the funhouse

The First Day of School
Cody ~ ready for 3rd grade

Dustin ~ ready for kindergarten

Ali ~ ready for 6th grade

there he goes :(

Dustin in his new classroom

Mommy & her big kindergartener

Cody in his new classroom

What a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L sight!
This was the first time I didn't have one of
my youngins home with me at least part of the day.
Dustin had to start wearing glasses the end of August.
Now instead of Dennis the Menace, he looks
like Ralphie ~ and he tends to have the foul mouth to go with it ;)

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Soni B said...

wow what a busy wonder I am tired ! lol thanks for including us in it !

great pics to remember it by !