Tuesday, February 23, 2010

October 2009

Then October came, bringing more bad luck. Keith took his truck over to a guy's field to pick up and use a tractor he had been working on. A couple hours later, we received a phone call at home from the Knox County Sherriff's Department, asking questions about who had been driving the truck and so forth. It was on fire, and the fire department was there, putting it out.

the truck that once was

(I drove home from New Jersey for this truck!!!)

and here is the same truck now...

Homecoming Parade
the volleyball girls

Ryan took Cody, Layne, and Dustin in the fire truck in the parade

Our cookout

the kids toasting marshmallows

Dustin, Justin, & Cody - with Jim and Keith looking on

Dustin, Ali, & Justin

Steve, Wally (Dad), & Jim
Debbie & Gary

my cousins Nicole, Noah, Kristin, and Ali

Tammy with Kristin's kids Alize and Gabriel

Alize and Ava

Dustin and Gabe playing pool

Justin playing air hockey

Nicole & Kristin

Ali & Kristin

Sonja (my mom) & Ali
Ali & me

Noah & Tammy

Ali & Tammy

checking out some old pics of the girls
Nicole, Ava, Noah, & Ali

My Daddy's Birthday

PaPa's kiddos

Cody, Brooke, Ali, & Dustin

PaPa Wally & Ali

PaPa Wally & Brooke

PaPa Wally & Cody

PaPa Wally & Dustin

Me & My Daddy
opening presents
I think this present needs exchanged ;)


Ali, the vampire

Dustin, the firefighter
Cody, the cowboy

our trick-or-treating group
Ali, Taylor, & Haley
Layne, Cody, Sophie, Jo, & Dustin

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