Thursday, February 18, 2010

July 2009

Here is a glance at July.

We celebrated Mom's birthday with a brunch at Busy Corner in Goodfield.

Mom & Dad

Tanya and Lois

Keith and the kids

Sue and me

Ali and me

Cody and Keith

Grandma Soni, Dustin, Cody, & Ali

Tammy, Mom, & me

Lois, Mom, and Tanya

Mom and Sue

part of our group

Wow, he really can look sweet and innocent!

and not so much LOL

Cody with Uncle Jim

Dustin and Aunt Tammy were rolling down the hill outside of the restaurant

More of July

This is one of my favorite shots of Dustin. We were at the ball diamond, and obviously, he was a little upset with me. LOL He really wanted something from the concession stand, however, he was told at suppertime that he wouldn't be able to get anything because he chose not to eat his supper. :(

Dustin with his friend Madison

A typical Quick family pasttime in the summer

John and Vicki got 2 horses for Ali to work with for 4-H.

This is Sonny

This is Bling-Bling

Not sure what these two were talking about here LOL

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Soni B said...

yes that was a great day, surrounded by family and good food too ! lol

and the horse pictures are awesome...