Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Day At The Carnival

PaPa John and Vicki invited us to the Brimfield carnival for the afternoon. Grandma Soni & PaPa Wally joined us too.
We enjoyed the parade, then headed to the kiddie pedal tractor pull. The boys both participated in that. Dustin did pretty well, but didn't place in his class. He had fun though.

Cody had a "full-pull" and then they had a "pull-off" for the four kiddos in his class that had full-pulls. He ended up winning first place in his class. He won a trophy and $5.

Then Ali and Cody both participated in a lawn tractor driving contest. They drove a lawn tractor through a course of bowling pins. Cody placed 2nd in his age group, and won $3.

Ali didn't place in her age bracket, but did quite well.

Keith and Vicki both did an adult course too, but neither placed in the end.

Then of course, we had to enjoy the carnival rides.

PaPa John and Dustin raced Cody down the slide...Cody won.

The boys cruised on the motorcycles

Vicki, Cody, & Dustin took a whirl around the Tilt-o-whirl track

PaPa Wally & Ali rode this crazy ride together.

I think it was a hit!

Ali & Cody took a swing together

Vicki and Dustin rode the Octopus

We enjoyed a nice day at the carnival!

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Anonymous said...

it was a great day, thanks for letting us tag along..., love ya, MOM