Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Everybody is back to school

Well, all the kiddos are in school. Ali & Cody started back on August 19th. Dustin just started yesterday, September 2nd.

Ali started 5th grade this year. At our school, 5th and 6th grades are middle school, and 7th and 8th grades are junior high. She is really enjoying it! She is especially loving science. Right now, they are collecting monarch caterpillars and eggs, and observing their steps to becoming butterflies. She has found so many to take to school.

This is Ali's first walk into the middle school/junior high school wing.

This is her cool locker that she has been so excited about!

Cody has started 2nd grade. Now that Ali isn't in the elementary wing, I think he feels more like the "big kid" now. He is enjoying school and being with his friends very much.

Cody's classroom

Dustin just started preschool. He will go for one year, then head off to kindergarten next year. I think he really enjoyed school yesterday! He has been so excited ever since we started telling him about going to school this year. He goes in the afternoons. So Mommy & Dustin have an early lunch together, then he is off to school like the big kids. Today, he is even going to ride the bus. Talk about excited!

Dustin's first walk down the hallway as a preschooler.
He's looking up at the wall with pictures of the Preschool Friends.

hanging up his backpack in his very own cubbie

Dustin's classroom

Of course, I have to share this pic of Mommy & Dustin before heading off to preschool for the first time.

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