Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Camera

We decided that we were buying ourselves a new digital camera for our anniversary. Our Nikon that we had was great, but the battery compartment broke and becoming quite the pain to have to hold and take pictures. A friend had recently gotten an Olypums Stylus 1050 SW, and I have seen some of the pictures she has taken. They're fabulous! We went looking and did find that model. We also found an Olypmus Stylus 850 SW. Very similar and a lot of the same functions, it was just a model down. We opted for this camera. The shockproof and waterproof features were the most enticing.

So the camera was delivered yesterday. It's so cute! I am loving the blue color. Of course, they didn't have a purple one, but that's ok. The blue is so pretty, and it will stand out if it gets misplaced at a gathering or something like that.

So of course, I played with it all afternoon and evening, experimenting with some of the different settings and features. I did learn that a lazy cat is a great way to play with these different settings. Garfield was a perfect subject.

And of course, I had to get some pics of the doggies too. Here is Kasey.

And here is Nika.

My pink dahlia is finally blooming again, and very well actually.

and here is one of my buckets of various flowers by my garage

I took some pictures on the landscape setting too.

And of course, my favorite subject is my kids!! So you know I got some new pics of the kiddos yesterday with this thing!

While the kids were swimming, Dustin wasn't following the rules and had to get out. When I took him out of the pool, I took off his vest. He knows not to get near the water without it. Well, while he was "sitting out" he decided to put the vest back on himself. He was quite proud of himself when he did get it on. He even did it correctly, but I tried to reinforce that he can't get back in the water until Mommy or Daddy does his vest.

This is after he was told that he still wasn't allowed to get back in yet. Not a happy guy!


We had sweet corn on the cob with supper last night. We all love this stuff!

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