Tuesday, January 13, 2009

September at a Glance

Now let's see what happened in September.

Grandparents' Day at school

Not long after school started, the elementary school children held their Grandparents' Day program. Grandma Soni and Vicki went (Mommy had to join them to get some pictures) and had a good time with the boys. They did a musical program for all of the grandparents.

Each of the kids had made special things for their grandparents' to take home with them.

Ali was able to play middle school volleyball in September (and into October). She was one of only five fifth graders to be able to play. She really enjoyed volleyball, and looks forward to playing again. She played very well, and developed a great serve already.

We had a family day at Tanner's Orchard in September as well.

PaPa Wally with his kiddos

checkin' out the pumpkins

The girls did the corn maze. This was Grandma Soni, Tammy & Brooke, Ali & Krista)

Only Ali could go into a corn maze, and come out with a cat!

Pickin' apples

It was a great day of family fun!

Here are some more fun pictures from September at the Quick house

No more training wheels for Dustin!

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