Tuesday, January 13, 2009

October at a Glance

What happened in October? Well, let's see...

Middle School Choir Fall Concert

Ali was part of the middle school choir concert. She enjoys singing very much, and has fun with the participation!
Pirate Day

During the High School homecoming week, the younger students get to have fun too! They do theme dress-up days through-out the week. Friday was the day of the homecoming parade, and was "Pirate Day" for the school. The kids decided on Wednesday night that they wanted to dress up. So Vicki helped me, and we scrounged up pirate outfits for them. Dustin had a preschool field trip, so he didn't get to dress up for school. But as soon as we got home from the field trip, we dressed him up, and he got to be a pirate for the afternoon and to go to the parade.

Preschool Field Trip

The preschool class (both, the a.m. class and the p.m. class) took a field trip to Apple Blossom Farm. It was a great day!

We took a hayrack ride to the pumpkin patch, where each child got to pick their very own pumpkin.

We learned about honeybees.

And we got to play on the playground.

Dad's 60th birthday

Dad celebrated his 60th birthday in October. We had a big cook-out. Dad was aware of the cook-out, but not of all of the guests we invited to share the evening with us. We had some fun surprises for him.

Cal and Wally

Wally and Barry

Cal, Lois, and Sadie

Annie and Sonja

opening presents

Justine, Abby, and Danny

PaPa and Brooke

Keith and Grandma Norris

Debbie and Gary

Momma Sue

Dustin and Wyatt

Maddy, Ali, & Brooke

Keith, Betty, Lisa, & Kevin

Abby, Danny, Tanya (roasting away), Lois, & Sue

Debbie & Tammy

And then, of course, there was Halloween

Halloween fun at school - the boys had class parties to celebrate Halloween. The classes also participated in a costume parade at school.

Dustin's class

the 2 pirates

Cody's class

the costume parade

Ali, Cody, & Dustin ready to go

our Trick-or-Treating crew

Dustin, Ali, & Cody's jack-o-lanterns

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