Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ali's Tumbling Recital

Ali had her tumbling recital last night. It's hard to get good pictures in the auditorium, but I tried. This is her class in their pyramid at the end of their routine.

This is Ali in the middle of her backflip.

This is Ali with her tumbling teacher, Brandy. We adore Brandy! She really loves all of these kids, and is so proud of everything they accomplish!
Here is Ali with all of her flowers. She got a bouquet of "crazy daisies" from Mommy, Daddy, Cody, & Dustin. She got a pretty blue and white carnation from Grandma Soni & Grandpa Wally. And she got a pretty bouquet of two-toned pink carnations from Brooke, Aunt Tammy, and Uncle Jim.

Here are the "crazy daisies." We also got a bouquet of these for Brandy and one for Melissa, Brandy's assistant tumbling instructor.

It was a great night for all of the tumblers!

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Anonymous said...

She did such a great job!!!!!!
I am so proud of her!!!!!!!