Friday, March 21, 2008

Cake baking fun

I've been up to my elbows in cake and frosting since yesterday morning. Brooke asked me to make her cakes for her birthday. She decided she wants Hannah Montana. So she picked out a guitar shaped pan for me to do an electric guitar in purples. Then she wanted a small sheet cake with the Hannah Montana logo on it. Brooke was happy with them, so I am happy with how they turned out. And for those of you who are asking "Who in the world is Hannah Montana?", you obviously don't have a 8-13 year old girl at your house! She's very well known around here!

I also got to make my first effort at carrying on a tradition. My Grandma Tiny always made and decorated oodles of these little Easter egg cakes every Easter. There were always card tables, just covered with these little yummy cakes. Tammy gave me Grandma's egg pans that she used, so I decided to start carrying on Grandma's tradition. My first effort isn't anything fancy, but I'm happy with them anyway. These cakes always seemed so much bigger back when I was little, snitching them off of the table every chance I got!

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