Monday, January 20, 2014

Poor Sami

Sami, Sami, Sami!
Our poor puppy got herself into some trouble.
We think she was chasing mice in the barn and got
caught under the field cultivator that is stored out there.
The vet said she essentially stabbed herself, having
and entrance and exit wound.
She got herself loose and came running out.

We did end up taking her to the animal medical center.
He said she definitely needed stitched up.
However, white getting in there to clean and stitch her,
he found a tunnel from her injury.
He had to clean out a lot of infected tissue.
She has drainage tubes in the wounded area
to get the rest of the infection out while her stitches
are healing. She will be able to get the tubes out soon,
and the stitches out in 1 weeks,
but in the meantime is wearing the 
"cone of shame."

My poor Sami is just pitiful!

Overall, she is doing well with it though.
She still has some spunk and doesn't like not
being where the action is.

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